Who We Are

What is Tough Love Advising?

Tough Love Advising will help you as an entrepreneur in your Direct Sales & Network Marketing business. After years of research and personal experience Tough Love has created something unlike anything else in the industry. We have developed a unique and individualized approach using effective and proven systems to drive your business forward to meet your goals.

Tough Love Advising provides realistic advice and practical insight. Our personalized accountability program keeps you on track while our system emphasises success with a key component of work/life balance.

Is Tough Love for you?

If you are a passionate and motivated entrepreneur and want to create a life based on your own terms then we are the right fit for you.
Have you found a Direct Sales or Network Marketing company to represent because it has met your strict criteria and aligns with your values,
passion and mission to inspire others? If you are determined to be successful, eager to learn the tips and secrets of success, and not afraid of hard work, then we can meet the challenge with you.

Or are you still looking for the Direct Sales or Network Marketing company that is “perfect” for you? If so, we offer consulting with in-depth analysis of your personality, passion and mission.

We then provide you with a Direct Sales and Network Marketing comparison to find the right fit for you.

We use a Tough Love method because we want to inspire you to create the life that we know you are capable of achieving. Tough Love inspires you to stop making excuses, stay on target and achieve your goals. We are motivated by YOUR success!

About Lisa

lady-blue-imgTough Love Advising was created out of passion. Founder, Lisa Malnar, proved that Direct Sales & Network Marketing can be successful for anyone with the desire to succeed. In 2002, Lisa fell into the “party plan” world while attending college and hasn’t looked back! After graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health she became a case worker for the State of Oregon’s Child Welfare department. She built her direct sales business for 3 years while working 50+ hours a week for the State of Oregon. Every day she felt like so many other people, underappreciated and unpaid, yet always over worked. She believed there had to be more to life than just punching a clock and sacrificing her sanity for a job that provided nothing more than a small paycheck and two weeks’ vacation a year. So in 2005 she left her job and pursued direct sales full time.

She personally sponsored over 600 consultants and built an award winning multi-million dollar organization and personal business. By the age of 27 she had one of the top 6 teams in her company. She has proven her success at recruiting, training, motivating and sales by earning many awards. During her career she won 2 company cars, went on over 35 luxurious corporate paid holidays and earned thousands in gifts and other incentives.

In addition to her sales and recruiting success she was a corporate trainer for almost a decade and was sent to Australian to open the market for her previous company. This was where she really found her calling. As an inspiring presenter to thousands of women, she learned the importance of motivation and education. Lisa created and implemented numerous training programs and courses that are still used daily in the Direct Sales industry.

At the end of 2012, after months of soul searching the decision to leave her current company was made and she spent months ‘investigating’ other options in Multilevel Marketing. She researched numerous companies in the Network Marketing field and realized how different it was from the world she was used to. The potential for earnings was enormous and there were hundreds of successful companies to choose from. She joined a company that met her requirements and quickly learned that Network Marketing exceeded her life goals of having balance between business and pleasure. Working in this new environment, Lisa developed a whole new respect and appreciation for the industry.

Lisa was ready for another challenge in life. She decided to take her skills and years of experience and launched Tough Love Advising in 2014. After over twelve years of research, personal growth and working with thousands of people in Direct Sales, Lisa realized that her passion in life was to help other people in the industry learn how to create a successful business. Her goal is to provide them advice that is based on their personal situation and goals.

During her career she paid thousands of dollars in coaching, business programs and seminars. While she learned numerous tools to help her succeed, the one thing she always felt she was missing was the personal approach. Even with some of the coaches she worked with, they had a specific process they followed, regardless if it worked with the individual’s situation or not. She believes that too many professionals in the coaching arena provided a lot of FLUFF in their approach. Throughout the years of working with her team and being a corporate trainer, Lisa focused on the TOUGH LOVE aspect of learning. She was known for her style of telling you the things you really don’t want to hear, but need to, in order to get past the obstacles and achieve your goals.

That is how Tough Love Advising came to where it is today. We are a unique advising service that offers a variety of resources, one of which is the individual based experience. In addition, we also offer webinars, workshops and FREE resources that are designed to help you avoid the mistakes that are often made by those in the industry as well as to help you learn how to work smarter not harder. We look forward to working with you and helping you create the life you deserve.