Are you trying to fit in a mold?

If you’re like me you spend time researching, studying and following (or some may say stalking) other successful people in your profession. You want to know what makes them tick, how they achieved their level of success and what you can do to emulate them. In fact, most of us become somewhat obsessed with reading books, blogs and articles on a variety of things we hope will help us reach the same status as our role models.

During the Christmas break I read 5 business books, countless blogs and participated in several webinars, all focusing on network marketing and being a business coach in that profession. What I noticed when I started a ‘RECOMMENDED’ book, logged on to a ‘MUST WATCH’ webinar or opened a ‘THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS’ blog, was that the information being shared was the exact same message. It was like everyone was trying to fit into one mold and they were required to preach the same information as the next person.

Now I don’t want to offend any of the authors because their information was good, yet it is the same tired approach that has been preached for the last 20 years and I truly felt like it was just being regurgitated with a few different terms, phrases or some punchy lines to make it sound more exciting.

What’s worse is that as I read through all the material, rarely did I hear people discuss the trials and tribulations they experienced and the journey they took to get where they are now. Of course, some people have a natural ability to create a dynamic career and soar through the levels in record time, but let’s face it, if it was that easy wouldn’t everyone who tried network marketing or direct sales be successful?

Reality is that the majority of people who join a company never reach a consistent level of success; they barely make enough to receive their own products for free. I know some people will say it is simply because people are too lazy and don’t work their business, whereas I disagree.  It’s in my opinion that too many people in the profession over promise the opportunity and don’t share with you the ‘what if’s’ that can happen in your business.  They sugar coat the challenges and highlight the success stories of the top 1%.  Instead of being a motivation it tends to discourage people and give them a bitter taste for the industry.

I guess that is why I started Tough Love Advising. I want to provide people honest insight into an amazing profession. Being armed with the most common challenges people face and provide practical solutions to overcome them can truly transform an individuals business within their first 3 months.  My goal is to help people create ultimate wealth without having to work 24/7 (and if I hear one more ‘expert’ say that you have to put in a few HARD years and then you can kick back I will lose it- because that is a load of crap).  I want to be a resource that helps people create the dream they THEY invision and what works with their lifestyles, not what others are telling them they need.

This industry is unbelievable and there are hundreds of thousands of people across the globe that has success stories they can share. The reality is that everyone gets there differently so why don’t we start sharing those stories instead of the same old cookie cutter example? I look forward to sharing with you the ways I put my personal style and unique spin on running a business and still being considered a success.

Be Productive & Prosperous,




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