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About the Team Training

trainingOne of the most important aspects of growing a successful Network Marketing or Direct Sales business is developing a team.

Not just any team–a PRODUCING team! Creating a team that continually grows month after month is a challenge in itself, however by seeking outside support and training, you can achieve this faster than you ever imagined.

Lisa with Tough Love Advising has trained thousands of people in the industry over the last decade, focusing on team trainings and overall productivity. She has personally created two multimillion dollar organizations, being awarded as one of the fastest growing leaders in her company year after year.

With her years of experience, she will offer you and your team, trainings that highlight the important skills needed to create a successful business. Her approach with group training is to simplify the systems, make them duplicable and create skills that everyone needs to master. She also understands the importance of incorporating all styles of learning, which includes group activity, lecture format, visual outlines and more.

Why hire an outside trainer?

Have you ever heard that children don’t pay as much attention to their parents as they do others, especially when they are telling them what to do? That is exactly how it can be with your team. They tend to tune you out because they have ‘heard it all before’. Bringing in an outside presenter can give you more credibility, provide a different point of view and show your team that you are investing in them, PLUS you learn something new as well. It’s a win win!

Here are just a few Team Training topics we offer. In addition to these topics, we also take requests on specific topics you would like presented to your team.

  • Mastering your Commercial (creating and perfecting how you explain your business)
  • Become a Networking Pro (learn how to communicate in a way that people want to work with you)
  • Create Loyalty (learn how to build a clientele that only works with you. This increases your sales, referrals and ultimate success)
  • Maximizing Your Social Media Exposure (which platforms should you use, resources to enhance your visibility and how to create eye-catching content)
  • Fill Your Calendars (learn a variety of ways to increase and maintain a steady stream of party bookings)
  • Organization & Time Management (practical tools to help create simplicity in your business and learn how to create success with limited time)
  • Create Sponsoring Superstars (learn how to overcome the objections you receive when sharing the business opportunity and master how to recruit like a superstar)
  • Train Your Leaders (this specialized training focuses on team leaders only and how they can be better sponsors)

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