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Struggling with Your Sales?

I remember vividly during a period of my business where I was rocking it. I had month after month of record sales and was really on a role. Then disaster hit, all of a sudden my sales FLOPPED.  I could still get the parties, that wasn’t a problem, but my sales were minimal. In fact, one month I did 14 parties and barely hit $4,000 in sales. This was unheard of in my business; I averaged an $800+ party. 

I was so confused on what was happening. I didn’t do anything different in my business. I was booking several shows per party and had a good average in attendance but the sales just weren’t there. After about 10 weeks of constant struggle I re-evaluated my business and sales strategy. 

Upon close examination, I found two main things that were effecting my sales. The first was that I was booking parties with the same group of people so their wish list continued to get smaller and smaller- they pretty much had the entire catalog. The other issue was that I wasn’t really doing anything to motivate them to buy more from me. I did the simple cross sale/upselling but didn’t go beyond that because I knew what it was like to have a budget and I wasn’t going to make people feel uncomfortable or pushed into a sale.

After coming to terms with these two issues I decided to figure out ways to help me overcome them. I first tackled the booking issue and focused on finding new business. As crazy as it sounded I actually limited how many parties I would book per party and if several people wanted to book I would encourage co-hosting. This made a huge difference in my future schedule because I found I was booking less parties, however having much higher sales! I made sure I did more follow up with my previous customers, those who hadn’t been to a party in 6 or more months. I was shocked at how many people wanted to book parties but had either lost my details or just forgot. I realized that the fortune was in the follow up!

As for the individual sales per person I decided to reward those that were spending a certain amount with me. We constantly focus on our Hostesses but why not reward those who are also spending a substantial amount of money? I started giving incentives to those that spent a certain amount of money with me. Originally I offered a FREE gift (I had 3 items to choose from) if they spent at least $100. I also had a few ‘package deals’ so people didn’t have to think about pairing items up.  Both of these worked extremely well but I was still missing something. About 5 years into my business I created the Big Spender Basket and my sales skyrocketed! 

I know you are anxious to hear about my BIG SPENDER BASKET but I can’t give it all away at once!  For now, think about this.  If you are struggling with bookings or sales in your business take a step back and evaluate yourself. You may even need a fellow team member or consultant to attend one of your parties and give you some feedback. I always say if it isn’t working, FIX IT!


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