party plan hopping

Are You a Party Plan Hopper?

Are you a party plan hopper? This is a phrase I used to use a lot when I was recruiting  people into my party plan team. I often came across those who have joined a number of Direct Sales companies yet never found much success in any of them.  To me it showed that people were not taken seriously by friends or family because they constantly changed their minds and ‘hopped’ from one company to another. I am sure this is true for some people, but as I started to do more research and interview hundreds of people in the industry, I realized one very important fact:  most people who have been involved with multiple companies simply hadn’t found the ONE that they were passionate about.

As I started to think about this concept, I realized how true it is.  I was with my previous company for over a decade and thought it was the most amazing opportunity in the world.  While I did experience great success I also didn’t really know anything else. Once I started looking into other companies and what they had to offer or was exposed to other product lines, I realized my opinion was very narrow and in fact there were hundreds of other companies in the industry that offered as much if not more…..much more.

With this new found information I started to make it a mission to learn everything I could about the thousands of companies in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry. I wanted to be able to offer people who were interested in becoming their own boss the opportunity to find a company that fit their needs, both financially and practically. As I started my research, I realized this was a service that many people are wanting– the ins and outs of a company and which company best suits them individually. 

I have already had the pleasure of working with several people and started adding this service through Tough Love Advising.  I love providing an unbiased, educated view on different companies to people who want to take advantage of what Direct Sales and Network Marketing can offer them.  For those that have experience in the industry but haven’t found that one company that makes them tick, we help narrow it down through an individualized questionnaire.

We are excited about the opportunity to help people develop their passion by finding them a company that ticks all the boxes.  If this is something you are keen to learn more about, visit our website for more information.



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