You might be like me and think setting goals is a waste of time. I mean, seriously, you know what you are wanting and it’s all in your head, right? I had this mind set when I first started my business- I was self-motivated and didn’t need to write my goals down, let alone create any vision aid to help remind me. Although 3 years into my business I organized a team meeting where everyone had to write down their goals and create dream boards. I fully believed in walking the walk, so naturally I participated and made my own dream board and clearly defined my goals.

At this stage in my business I had recently quit my full time job and decided to see what I was really capable of achieving so I set a specific goal that I was going to win every single recruiting contest for that year. I designed my goals and board around this target and started looking at it every day.  By the end of the year I was ticking off a number of things on my goal sheet and at our annual convention I officially achieved the ultimate goal and won every single contest for being the number one recruiter.  Of course by setting and achieving that goal I also increased my sales by over $50K, won a car, and went on 6 trips throughout the year.  It’s kind of like a snowball effect in the most amazing way!

That’s when I realised how important it was to not only create goals but to write them down and have some way of reviewing them daily.  I was a believer in this new process and knew it was something I needed to do every year if wanted to stay focused.

So with the new year here, it is the perfect time to start setting your goals and deciding what you not only need to do but want to do to make this year the best yet. Here are a few steps to help you start setting your goals:


                This means you need to sit down and give some serious thought to what you want to    achieve in 2015. Look at what you accomplished this year and decide what areas of your  business you want to focus on and improve. (Ex: I did $20K in 2014 and want to double that  in 2015.  I want to increase my party/demonstration schedule. I want to triple the size of my organization)


                This sounds obvious, I know, but what most people do is just write a vague goal on a piece of paper and don’t give it any other thought throughout the year.  Make sure they are measurable so you can track your progress along the way. (Ex: My sales will be $50K in 2015.  I will build a team of at least 100 people by end of 2015. I will hold 10 parties every month.)


                Once you have clearly identified your goals you need to break them down for the year. Each goal will have specific tasks you need to complete in order to achieve the final outcome. By breaking down what is needed to be done you will start creating your action plan and make           it seem more attainable. (Ex: In order to hold 10 parties each month I need to book at least   13. First I need to decide what days I can work each month, then contact all my previous customers, send out a newsletter and make sure I am offering the booking opportunity at each of my parties.)


                Yep that means create a dream or vision board.  It may sound elementary but believe me it works! Having something visual to remind you what you are working towards can do   wonders.  Grab a white board, some magazines and a pair of scissors and go for it!

Spend some time over the next week to create your goal plan for 2015 so when the New Year starts you are ready to take off. Great things are ahead for you and I look forward to hearing numerous success stories throughout the year.



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