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Leaders Rejoice!

UGHH, I feel like I’m a babysitter!

Why can’t everyone be self motivated like me?

I didn’t have the support like they do, so why can’t they do more with their business?


Have you found yourself saying any (or all) of the above statements? That means you are building a team within your Direct Sales or Network Marketing business and you may be feeling a bit depressed or overwhelmed.

Let me tell you right now that the feeling is completely normal, in fact it is one that rarely goes away because LEADING a team is one of the most challenging aspects of the industry.  Notice I said LEADING, not building a team. That is because for many companies building a team is easy- you may have people signing up left and right. The problem is 8 out of 10 people you sponsor do absolutely NOTHING with their business.

One thing I want to make sure you understand is that the reality of direct sales is that only about 20% of people are actually working their business and out of that number only about 1% are making a killing at it. This means that if you are trying to grow a large and successful organization so that you can reap the financial rewards you need to look at the numbers.  Make sure you are clear about how many people you need in your team to hit certain levels and then DOUBLE or TRIPLE that in your sponsoring efforts.  In time, you will be able to weed out those that aren’t doing anything yet still have enough people to maintain your position.

Okay with that said, what are you doing as a LEADER to help your team? Do you have a training process? Have you set ground rules and office hours for when your team can contact you? Or have you done like so many others and told your team that you are there for them whenever then need?

Some people in the industry disagree with my philosophy on working with a team, and that’s okay. My success rate shows that my process works- at least for me and hundreds of others I have taught. Here are 3 steps I recommend to any leader that wants to grow a consistently productive team:

#1 OFFICE HOURS- setting office hours is crucial, especially as you get 20, 50, 100+ in your team. Remember you are running a business, 2 actually- your personal business of sales, sponsoring and presentations & your team. You need to set aside specific hours each week on when you are available to them. When you start answering calls, SMS, emails or FB messages at all hours of the day, your team will continue to expect that and there goes the goal of having a business your in control of.  Remember that there is nothing in this industry that is an emergency (except maybe if a party/presentation needs covering) so anything your team needs can wait until your office hours.

#2 NEW CONSULTANT TRAINING- this aspect alone is massive because there are several things you can do for your team. The main thing to remember is that you need something in place to help those newbies who join your team. This should be put into a training guide, templates in email version (or your newsletter program) and/or through conference calls and webinars.  You should also have a checklist to make sure you have covered the most important areas a new consultant should know. The more time you spend during the first 30 days of someone’s business the more likely they are going to succeed.  Don’t leave it in their hands, have a system and stick with it.

#3 STAY IN TOUCH- after your initial new consultant training, you should make sure you have a few processes in place for staying in touch with your team. The easiest is to send out a monthly newsletter as well as having a FB group that you post in daily. I also recommend that you set aside time each week to make a few calls to your first level team members. I would break my team up by their last name- the first Tuesday of the month I would call A-G, 2nd Tuesday H-L, etc.

Becoming a respected and effective leader takes time, trial and error as well as follow through. There isn’t a secret recipe, although there are certain things that have been proven to work. As you put training systems into place and create consistency you can feel confident that you have done what you can for your team members. This knowledge will allow you to focus on those that are utilizing what you offer and weeding out those that will never do anything with their business.

I personally loved having a team and have a lot more insight to share, so stay tuned for more!

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