giving up

I Want To Quit


 Have you ever felt like giving up? Did you start your business with the grand idea that it would quickly lead you to financial freedom, flexibility and creating a future life of fulfillment; only to realize that being an entrepreneur is HARD WORK!

 I was fortunate when I first became involved in the Direct Sales industry because I didn’t know much about it, therefore I didn’t have any expectations.  I loved the product and hoped I would generate enough money each month to go out to a nice dinner.  I never expected to travel the world, make millions or do it full time. However, all of that happened….quickly.  In just a few short years I was making more money than anyone I personally knew and was only 25. I was traveling to new and exotic places and didn’t want for anything. In fact, I was blessed to wake up every single day for over 10 years honestly saying I LOVED what I did and never once considered giving it up.

 We all know that things can change in life and that’s what happened with me. After taking on a new position with my previous company I realized I no longer wanted to align myself with them. After several months of soul searching and considering my options I decided to start my own business and follow one of my passions of helping others create their dream life through Direct Sales.

 I had big dreams and even bigger goals. I believed in my abilities and myself and never doubted that I would be successful.  That was in the beginning. I was doing okay for the first 6-8 months. I think most of my success relied on the fact that I was standing up for what I believed by leaving my old company and following my passion. Unfortunately that didn’t last long enough and I was finding myself struggling to get new business and generate income.

Over the next several months I lost my motivation and wasn’t inspired to do what I KNEW I needed to in order to become successful. In fact on more than once occasion I even started to look for a part time job so I had some sense of security. Yet the thought of actually working for someone else made me nauseous- I hadn’t worked for anyone else for over 15 years!

 It wasn’t until I felt like I was at rock bottom that I decided to reach out to a dear friend and mentor of mine. I shared with her some of the struggles and challenges I was experiencing and shed more than few tears.  She listened to me and then said “Lisa, you need to start focusing on what you LOVE doing. Shift your energy and align with what makes you happy.

 That was all she said and that was all I needed.  I knew I wasn’t doing what really made me happy- I was doing what I felt I should do and even that was half assed.  So the next day I made an action list and came up with 7 companies I wanted to work with. I then emailed all of them to see if they wanted to meet to discuss how I could help them.  Within 24 hours I had 4 appointments and nailed 3 new clients! Now within 10 days my business has tripled financially and I am more motivated to follow through with other projects I have been working on. I’m inspired and re-energized to make things happen for myself and it was just because I changed my focus and mind set.

 So why am I telling you this? I am sure I am not alone when I experienced the thought of giving up. Sometimes it is so much easier to bail out and take the secure route but does that make us smile? Does that fuel our souls? NO!  Take my advice- when the going gets tough… REFOCUS and don’t give up! It isn’t always easy but believe me it is worth it!


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