Here’s to the Naysayers

Here’s to the Naysayers!

I have been in the Direct Sales industry for over a decade. I have personally experienced great success and have seen hundreds of others create the life they only dreamt about. People from all walks of life have found their passion while generating financial freedom. These successes have happened because people took the leap and became their own bosses and trusted in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Company they joined.

So why do so many people in the world have such negative things to say about this industry? Over the years I have heard all the negative comments and thought it would be interesting to give my take on some of the most common objections I hear.

I can understand people are sceptical, but can you really argue with facts?  Did you know:

  • In 2012 the global sales for MLM companies was over $167 Billion combined
  • Over 15.9 Million people in the US alone are involved in Direct Sales
  • 82% of women in the US who make over $100,000 a year or more did it through Direct Sales
  • The top 11 Direct Sales & Network Marketing companies in the world cleared over a Billion dollars EACH
  • Entrepreneurs and Billionaires such as Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffet are involved in Network Marketing. Even Bill Clinton supports the industry!

Even knowing these facts people still share their opinions about this industry. Here are some of the most common concerns I have heard over the years:

“No one can be successful in that type of industry.” 

With any industry in the world, it takes work to be a huge success. However, the beauty of Network Marketing is that unlike working in a corporate environment, your success is really up to you. You don’t have bosses above you that take credit for your work.

“Those businesses are illegal or a pyramid scam.”

While there have been companies in the past that haven’t done things legally and are termed ‘pyramid scams’, the majority of companies are legitimate.  It is important to do your research and find the company that fits your needs, but don’t worry–at any given moment there are over 500 HONEST MLM companies in the world   to choose from.

“These companies create a cult like environment.”

Well if you consider an environment where you are supported, encouraged and valued cult like, then yes I agree. Thousands of Network Marketing/Direct Sales companies strive to create a ‘family’ amongst their distributors.  The support and comradery many of these companies provide help  people gain confidence, a sense of belonging and an unlimited resource of friends. This is one reason why so many companies gain so much success because everyone is encouraging you to succeed!

“That industry isn’t about building a career, it is more of a hobby.”

It is true that many people get into this industry purely out of love of the product and they want to save money on the product they regularly use. Often even those that originally join with the idea of it being a hobby start to see the possibilities they have with the income they can earn and turn it into more of a business.  There are also thousands of people who join because they see the potential immediately and want to take advantage of creating their dream life on their terms.

My goal through these blogs and as the founder of Tough Love Advising is to help people understand this industry and everything they can achieve when involved. It may not be for everyone, I accept that.  However,  just because you may not be interested, doesn’t mean you can’t support those that are.



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