easy money


Over the last year I have been seeing more and more posts on social media that promise to help people earn thousands of dollars without putting in much effort.  This is the dream right- to find a business opportunity that you can do from the flexibility of your computer, only work a few hours a week and generate unlimited income?  My question is, if this is so easy and available then why isn’t everyone taking advantage of it and becoming wealthy.

Lately I have had several clients ask me to look over opportunities they are presented with to see if they are legit and if the income the company is promoting is possible. I am shocked at what is being shared, but even more amazed at how many people believe the information they read on social media. So it got me thinking and researching. I went to a few Facebook groups I belong to that promote ‘work from home opportunities’. I spent 10 minutes looking at 2 sites and came across over a dozen posts that promised 6 figure incomes within 90 days, business opportunities without any investment, and immediate cash flow.  Again, I ask, if it is this easy why isn’t everyone doing it and why do we have such poverty across the world?

What really caught my attention besides the overwhelming number of posts was how much limited information was provided about the opportunity. Individuals weren’t posting the business name or product/service they were selling, they didn’t say WHO endorses the company or how much money they were actually making.  Here are just a few posts that made me cringe (please note I am sharing EXACTLY how they were posted with no grammar or spelling corrections):

”This is THE ONE we have all been waiting for – 100% MUST SEE STOP…Whatever you are doing and listen closely…SERIOUSLY I promise you that this is unlike anything that you have been exposed to before. There is a reason that some of the BIGGEST NAMES in the Industry are flocking to this one program. If you honesty just want something to work and have been looking for “THE ONE” to really settle down with, then do yourself a favor and hear me out.”


“It is easy to earn Extra money and give to a Children’s Charity.
Make money
No parties or products. 
Receive $10 for every Direct referrals
Receive $5 for all referrals level 2-3-4-5-6
Receive $15 for all referrals level 7
With 1 payment of $100 you can make a lot of money.”


“If your serious about making money you have to start on a relationship so lets begin hit me up. Together we can do this alone we can’t. Since my plans is to become wealthy in the years to come and have connections all over the world!”


“Want to earn more money online? Are you looking for some significant cash flow immediately? Get paid instantly while promoting your opportunity to countless millions of potential buyers!”


The reality is our society is constantly looking for the quick fix, the ‘secret’ to ultimate wealth, and the perfect business that allows limited effort with enormous results. Unfortunately this doesn’t exist. Sure, some people find or create an opportunity that is extremely financially rewarding, although the reality is they either came in at the beginning which gave them perfect positioning or they worked harder than anyone else and it paid off.  There is no get rich quick program and the sooner we all wake up and realise that, the sooner we can start focusing our efforts on creating a successful business through hard work and dedication.



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