writing a story

Your Story

One of the best things about becoming an entrepreneur is that you design a new and often exciting life for yourself. For those in Direct Sales & Network Marketing, this can be turned into YOUR STORY and it can be a powerful business tool. If you haven’t taken the time to create ‘Your Story’, I strongly encourage you to …
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giving up

I Want To Quit

GIVING UP  Have you ever felt like giving up? Did you start your business with the grand idea that it would quickly lead you to financial freedom, flexibility and creating a future life of fulfillment; only to realize that being an entrepreneur is HARD WORK!  I was fortunate when I first became involved in the Direct …
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Money in shopping cart isolated on white background

Big Spender, Business Changer

I know you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting for more information on the BIG SPENDER BASKET… the wait is over! As I mentioned in a previous blog I was struggling with increasing my sales at my parties. I tried a few things which worked well however I felt like I wanted something easier and more effective. …
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How Can We Fix It Barrier Barricade Sign Repair Improve Problem

Struggling with Your Sales?

I remember vividly during a period of my business where I was rocking it. I had month after month of record sales and was really on a role. Then disaster hit, all of a sudden my sales FLOPPED.  I could still get the parties, that wasn’t a problem, but my sales were minimal. In fact, one month I did 14 parties and barely hit …
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Leader - White Word on Blue Puzzles.

Leaders Rejoice!

UGHH, I feel like I’m a babysitter! Why can’t everyone be self motivated like me? I didn’t have the support like they do, so why can’t they do more with their business?   Have you found yourself saying any (or all) of the above statements? That means you are building a team within your Direct Sales or Network …
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party plan hopping

Are You a Party Plan Hopper?

Are you a party plan hopper? This is a phrase I used to use a lot when I was recruiting  people into my party plan team. I often came across those who have joined a number of Direct Sales companies yet never found much success in any of them.  To me it showed that people were not taken seriously by friends or family because …
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Here’s to the Naysayers

Here’s to the Naysayers! I have been in the Direct Sales industry for over a decade. I have personally experienced great success and have seen hundreds of others create the life they only dreamt about. People from all walks of life have found their passion while generating financial freedom. These successes have happened …
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Are you trying to fit in a mold?

If you’re like me you spend time researching, studying and following (or some may say stalking) other successful people in your profession. You want to know what makes them tick, how they achieved their level of success and what you can do to emulate them. In fact, most of us become somewhat obsessed with reading books, …
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Time for action clock


One of the most common issues Tough Love hears from people in the Direct Sales industry is that they don’t have the time to get everything done to make their business a success. What if I was to tell you that ANYBODY can grow a million dollar team, $100,000 personal sales or both with roughly 15-20 hours a week?  All you …
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You might be like me and think setting goals is a waste of time. I mean, seriously, you know what you are wanting and it’s all in your head, right? I had this mind set when I first started my business- I was self-motivated and didn’t need to write my goals down, let alone create any vision aid to help remind me. Although 3 …
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