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Big Spender, Business Changer

I know you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting for more information on the BIG SPENDER BASKET… the wait is over!

As I mentioned in a previous blog I was struggling with increasing my sales at my parties. I tried a few things which worked well however I felt like I wanted something easier and more effective. About 5 years into my business I introduced the illusive BIG SPENDER BASKET.  I am sure some of you know about this because let’s face it, we all share our content and it inevitable gets passed from company to company. For those of you new to this concept let me explain.

The goal for this incentive is to increase the per person sales average. I really wanted to reward my customers for placing large orders with me. Not only did this idea increase my per person average but it also helped me develop extreme loyalty amongst my clientele. I used this, and only this, to increase my party sales for 7 years in my business! 

Here’s how it works:

Grab a small basket or shoe box (you may need to wrap the shoe box in cute wrapping paper). Then you need to fill it with a variety of inexpensive products from your product line.  Depending on the size of your container will depend on how many products you put in it.  Here are a few things to consider when selecting your products:

  • Use items that are free, extremely discounted or discontinued.
  • Do not include the most popular products because those already sell (I always say “Don’t pick the top 10 items but the top 11-20”).
  • You can have multiples of the same product but make sure you have at least 6 different types of items to choose from in total.
  • Make sure that any item in the box doesn’t cost you more than $5-$8 your cost.
  • Take advantage of any sales your company offers so you can buy several items at once.

One thing I also recommend not only for this incentive but for any type of giveaway, special or incentive you offer is to set a box aside at your house where you throw anything you get for free, discounted, or discontinued. These and only these items are what you should be using so that it doesn’t break into your profit as much as a fully priced item.

Now that you have the products sorted you create your fabulous basket. You will also need to figure out what your average per person sales amount is. This is crucial because if you set the amount too low or too high it won’t work in your favor. Let’s say your average is $100, I would recommend you setting your BIG SPENDER for $150.

Now you are ready to head to a party. Leave your basket on your demo table but don’t talk about it until the end of the demonstration.  Once you are done and discussing the shopping process you mention your BIG SPENDER BASKET!  Here is a script you can use until you get comfortable with your own:

“Ladies I know that you all had a fabulous time and created a fairly large wish list! One thing about my business is I like to reward people as much as possible. SO, if you spend $150 on product (doesn’t include S&H or tax) tonight you will get to pick something out of my BIG SPENDER BASKET (then you show everyone the actual basket).  That’s right- anything you want out of here for FREE!”

Now you head into the shopping room and take only one person at a time with you so you can really focus on them.  After you have marked everything on the order form and totaled it make sure you let them know where they stand. IF the customer is within $25 of hitting the BIG SPENDER goal, let them know. Simple say: “Just so you know you are $25 away from picking something out of the basket, would you like anything else?”

It is seriously as simple as that. You will be surprised at how many people will spend $25, $50 or more just to get something for free.  In fact, I have had numerous people spend an additional $80+ adding to their order.  It’s all about the freebies!

Good luck!

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